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Learn How To Inlay!
I have decided to open my shop up to future inlay artists.  You do not have to be a luthier to learn inlay.  It is an art that can be done with minimal tools and materials cost.  Anyone with an artistic eye, steady hand, and patience is a candidate for inlay art.  I would love to have you come to my shop and learn how to create inlay art for yourself.  The classes in my shop are one on one, and I offer several different types.

Beginner Inlay Class:

In the beginner class you'll learn:                                 
Basic Tracing and layout
Materials selection and placement
Cutting and Routing
Gluing and Finishing

This takes about a day for the average student.  The cost includes materials, use of my tools, and lunch with me at the house.  I can give you a piece of wood to inlay into, but you are welcome to bring something of your own.  

Beginner Inlay Class Cost: $150


In the Signature class you'll learn:
How to get a useful signature and trace it
How to delicately cut the shell without breaking it
Routing tricks for leaving inside wood pieces in certain letters O's P's Q's etc...
Separated letter layout as well as the overall signature alignment

This class also takes about a day.  The cost includes materials, use of my tools, and lunch.  Since a signature is such an intricate project you will most likely want to bring your own item for inlay.  Of course I can give you a scrap piece of wood to use if you want.  Unless you have already done inlay before, you will need the Beginner Class before this one.

Signature Inlay Class Cost: $150                                 

Complex Inlays:

In the Complex class you'll learn:
Proper tracing techniques from sketch/picture to inlay outline drawing
Choice of Materials for desired pictorial effect
Cutting tricks to make fitting of pieces easier and less time consuming
Fitting, Filing, and joining of the multiple pieces that make a complex inlay
Prepping a complex inlay for a curved surface when applicable
Proper routing of a large/complex inlay cavity
Finishing of large/complex inlay

This class will take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the complexity of the project.  I use the knight inlay as an example because it was my first complex inlay.  However, I do not suggest an inlay of this size for your first complex inlay since it takes more than 5 days to complete.  You can bring a picture or a sketch that you want to turn into an inlay and an object that you would like to inlay it into.   Curves are okay on the object as long as it is not too tight of a curve.

Complex Inlay Class Cost:  $500